Enter the world of

for the young, by the young

1st of its kind mobile
"Engage & Earn" economy

1st of its kind mobile
"Engage & Earn" economy


Value for your Time invested

Earn Solo

  • Challenge or Team-up

    With friend, family

  • Leaderboards,

    Rewards & Recognition

    Get Popular. Get Rewarded

  • Make a Difference

    Virtual & Real
    Social Contribution
    through Y.S.R
    (Young Social Response)

1st of its kind mobile
"Engage & Earn" economy

  • Yupee

    The young rupee

    Virtual money
    with real value

  • From multiple EARNing options

  • Prep & lEarn

    Preps & Tests was never so Rewarding & Fun

  • Coming Soon

    Read & Earn

    Enjoy Earning while reading news & more

  • Hobbies & interests

    Sports, Movies, Fashion, Cooking, History & more
    Crack quiz based cards & Earn rewards

  • Earn from Apps

    Apps on your phone could now earn you rewards



  • mY Views

    Share you views, reviews, opinions & earn

  • Shop & Earn

    Earn Yupees Cashbacks with any and every spend

1st of its kind mobile
"Engage & Earn" economy


Your Yupees Earnings

Get Exciting Rewards, Cool Y offers
Everything Y !

In Ykart ykart image

For the Young
By the Young

Get Popular. Get Rewarded
Start Earning & Become a Yupee Millionaire

Yonomy Logo

(Young Social Response)
Y way of expressing a difference and social impact (CSR)

Nurture Young
Enterprising Minds

Engage next generations as...

  • Responsible Creators, Citizens
    and Consumers
  • Co-creators of ideas,
    Innovations & wealth
  • Job creators and not just
    Job seekers

Our 1st YSR initiative

  • Orient Enterprising Young Minds on fundamentals
    of Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Driven byLearn
  • In partnership with Biz World
    World's Largest movement teaching
    Entrepreneurship to 500,000 Young Minds


A virtual Contribution from Yupees Earnings
in the Yonomy (Young Earning Economy)
EARNers can choose impact areas where they want their Ytax to be contributed
And also get Rewarded / Recognised as Ytax Contributors.

A Mission to Nurture Young
Enterprising Minds

being enterprising is a way
of life & can be applied in any sphere
of life or occupation
& young mind are enterprising

Ybiz Ventures

@ Ybiz Ventures we are
YONOMY - Young Earning Economy
a unique
multi-format “Engage and Earn” platform,
with its
own Virtual Earning currency Yupees (Young Rupees)
with Young Enterprising Minds, for the Young
by the purpose of fostering a culture and options for
Earning by Choice

We recently launched
Yonomy (Beta) - 1st of its kind Earning Wallet
Pioneering Earning formats like
the world’s 1st # Prep&Earn channel
… and many more EARNing Channels!

We have just started
lot more Earning action being IMAGINEERED !

We invite you to join us in our exciting
journey of lEARNing and co-creating the
World of Y

To Partner

If you have anything
to offer for GenY

Y & Y-not

Ask queries (Y) and share
feedback (Ynot) to make
the world of Y a lot more cooler !